Kyle Gann:

Tuning for Custer's Ghost to Sitting Bull

Custer's Ghost to Sitting Bull is based on a drone on G, though it occasionally dips down to F#. The music slides continually up and down the following 31-tone scale, moving in small nuances intended to sound like the glissandos of the wind:

Pitch:GG^Ab7+Ab Ab^AA+ALBb7Bb Bb^-BBLC7CC+
Ratio:1/133/3221/2016/15 11/1010/99/88/77/6 6/511/95/49/721/16 4/327/20
Cents:05384112 165182204231267 316347386435471 498520

C^Db7DvD Eb7EbEv+EELF7+ FF+F^F#+Gv
11/87/516/113/2 14/98/518/115/312/7 7/416/99/511/615/8 64/33
551583649702 765814853884933 969996101810491088 1147

I have notated this scale (as closely as html will allow) in Ben Johnston's excellent microtonal notation, in which accidentals make the following alterations:

+(plus)81/80raises a pitch by 21.5 cents
-(minus)80/81lowers a pitch by -21.5 cents
#(sharp)25/24raises a pitch by 71 cents
b(flat)24/25lowers a pitch by -71 cents
7(seven)35/36lowers a pitch by -49 cents to get a seventh harmonic
L(upside-down 7)36/35raises a pitch by 49 cents
^(upward arrow)33/32raises a pitch by 53 cents to get an eleventh harmonic
v(downward arrow)32/33lowers a pitch by -53 cents

In addition, F-A-C, C-E-G, and G-B-D are all perfectly tuned 4:5:6 major triads.

(If you don't have enough experience with just intonation to make sense of these charts, try reading the step-by-step Just Intonation Explained section.)

Kyle Gann

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