Tuning for Love Scene for string quartet

Tune strings in pure perfect fifths, to cello/viola C, except for violin E strings, which should be 21 cents flatter than pure

ET = Equal-tempered, standard 20th-century tuning

C1/10reference pitch, normal tuning
C^33/3253.3(C with quarter-tone-sharp accidental), C 53 cents sharp
C#25/2470.729 cents flatter than ET
D735/32155.145 cents flatter than ET D
D9/8203.9 4 cents sharper than ET, 9th harmonic of C, tuned with G
Eb^77/64320.1(E half-flat) 20 cents sharper than ET Eb
E5/4386.314 cents flatter than ET, fifth harmonic of C
E+81/84407.88 cents sharper than ET E
F7+21/16470.829 cents flatter than ET F, 7th harmonic of G
F^11/8551.3(F with quarter-tone-sharp accidental), halfway between ET F and F#
F#45/32590.2F#+, 10 cents flatter than ET, 5th harmonic of D
G735/24653.247 cents flatter than ET G
G3/2702perfectly in tune with C, open string
G^99/64755.2(G with quarter-tone-sharp accidental), 55 cents sharper than ET G
G#25/16772.627 cents flatter than ET, 5th harmonic of E
A+27/16905.96 cents sharper than ET, tuned perfectly with D, open string
A^55/32937.6(A with quarter-tone-sharp accidental), 37 cents sharper than ET A
Bb7/4968.831 cents flatter than ET, always, 7th harmonic of C
B15/81088.312 cents flatter than ET
B#121/641102.6basically an ET B (m. 63)
C7+63/321172.727 cents flatter than C

Kyle Gann

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