Kyle Gann: Concord Spiral (2010)

Concord Spiral is the fifth in a series of what I call spiral canons, canons that proceed through a continuously modulating harmonic progression. The original inspiration came many years ago from a book on canonic technique by Bernhard Ziehn (1845-1912), a German music theorist and composer teaching in Chicago. I had written such canons at rhythmic intervals of 5 and 7 beats (Cyclic Aphorism 3 and Chicago Spiral, respectively), and also at 83 beats (Hudson Spiral), and I wanted to try one with something in the middle. This canon for string quartet is at a 19-beat rhythmic imitation and at the descending minor seventh. I began it in Concord, Mass.

Duration: 8 1/2 minutes

PDF score here

Kyle Gann

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