Kyle Gann: Music, Scores, and Recordings
in alphabetical order
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TitleDateInstrumentation/TextMovements, Recording,
Score Program NotesPerformers
The Aardvarks' Parade (Triskaidekaphonia 2)2009keyboard sampler and soundfile mp3, 10:20PDF Program notesKyle Gann
Apparition1999/2016viola and piano (arrangement of "Last Chance" Sonata, third movement)8 minutesPDFProgram notes
Arcana XVI19983 synths8 minutesPDFProgram notes
As the Day Is Long1982fl, electric organ, trap set, soundfilemp3, 13:22Program notes
Baptism19832 flutes, two drums, organmp3, 11:40PDFProgram NotesKyle Gann and players
Bud Ran Back Out2001Disklaviermp3, 3:42; New WorldPDFProgram notes
Cap Rock Wind2015-16mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra (1,1,1,alto sax,1; 1,1,1; el gt, vib, pno; strings); text from House of Earth by Woody Guthrie (1947) April 15 Tivoli performance, 16:17
April 11 Roulette performance, 15:44;
PDF Program notesLucy Dhegrae, mezzo-soprano; Contemporaneous, David Bloom conducting
Catskill Set2013-14fl, cl, trpt, vibe, pno, vn, va, cello1. Rocks; 2. In the Fields; 3. The Pond; 4. Roadside; 5. Summer; 14 minutes totalPDFProgram notes
Charing Cross2007synth, soundfilemp3, 8:13PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Chicago Spiral1990-1fl, cl, sop sax, vn, va, cello, drums, synthmp3, 8:40PDFProgram notesEnsemble Ptyx
Cinderella's Bad Magic2002five singers, flute, three sampling keyboards, fretless bass; text by Jeffrey SichelScenes 3-5, 14:59; 45 minutes totalProgram notes
Commentary on Hope and Meaninglessness1973pianomp3, 1:46PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Composure2007-84 electric guitarsmp3, 13:43PDFProgram notesDerek Johnson, Collin Marone, Zachary Barr, Andrew Cowling
Concord Spiral2010string quartetmp3, 9:10PDFProgram notesWest End Quartet: Sarah Washburn and Jessica Meyer, violins; John Biatowas, viola; Carlynn Savot, cello
The Convent at Tepoztlan19892 pianos, or piano and soundfilemp3, 7:38PDFProgram NotesJudith Gordon
Cosmic Boogie-Woogie2000-1DisklavierNew World, 8:42PDFProgram notes
Could Ye Loan Me Ten Pence?1978singer and two melody instrumentsmp3, 1:51PDFJohn Uhlenhopp, voice; Heidi Sandling, flute; Joseph Kontof, violin
Custer and Sitting Bull1995-9voice, soundfile1. Custer: "If I Were an Indian...", mp3, 8:42
2. Sitting Bull: "Do You Know Who I Am?", mp3, 8:42
3. Sun Dance/Battle of the Greasy-Grass River, mp3, 7:59
4. Custer's Ghost to Sitting Bull, mp3, 10:04; 35 minutes total
PDFProgram notesKyle Gann, sound design by M.C. Maguire
Cyclic Aphorisms1988violin, pianomp3, 7:27PDFProgram notes
The Day Revisited2005fl, cl, el. bass, 2 keyboardsNew Albion, mp313:20PDFProgram notesDa Capo, Bernard Gann, Kyle Gann
Desert Flowers1979flutemp3, 12:17PDFProgram notesAnita Miller, flute
Desert Sonata1994pianoLovely Music, 19 minutesPDFProgram notesLois Svard
Desert Song2011orchestra11 minutespartial
Program notes
Despotic Waltz1997DisklavierNew World, 2:13PDFProgram notes
The Disappearance of All Holy Things from this Once So Promising World1998orchestramp3, 11:38PDFProgram notesJohn Kennedy conducting the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble
Earth-Preserving Chant2010piano10:31 PDFProgram NotesEmanuele Arciuli
Echoes of Nothing2011retuned virtual piano1. Nothing, 9:32;
2. Something, 4:01
PDFProgram Notes
Et Faim Sallir les Loups des Boys2015baritone, piano; poem by Ezra Poundtwo minutesPDFProgram note
Faith1984soprano, piano; text by Ella Wheeler Wilcoxmp3, 2:50PDFProgram NotesMartha Herr, Kyle Gann
Fantasy on Protestant Hymns1972handbell choirPDFProgram notes
Folk Dance for Henry Cowell2002DisklavierNew World, 2:11PDFProgram notes
Fractured Paradise1995synth, soundfilemp3, 4:47, Monroe StreetMIDI scoreProgram notes
Fugitive Objects2007keyboard samplermp3, 7:06PDFProgram notesAron Kallay
Ghost Town1994soundfilemp3, 10:18, Monroe StreetProgram notes
Going to Bed (Homage to Philip Glass)2012pianomp3; 6:36PDFProgram notesSarah Cahill
Hesapa ki Lakhota ki Thawapi1984/9fl, sop sax (trumpet), accordion (synth), drummp3, 8:05PDFProgram notesEssential Music
The Hippopotamus1979baritone, piano; text by T.S. Eliotmp3, 4:31PDFProgram noteBradley Nystrom, voice; Kyle Gann, piano
Homage to Cowell1994keyboard samplermp3, 5:06PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Hovenweep2000fl, cl, vn, cello, piano10:21, New AlbionPDFProgram notesDa Capo
How Miraculous Things Happen1997synth, soundfilemp3, 10:36, Monroe StreetPDFProgram notes
Hudson Spiral2010string quartetmp3, 12:04PDFProgram notesSirius Quartet
Hyperchromatica2015-17three retuned, computer-driven pianos Andromeda Memories, 8:18
Futility Row, 8:53
Orbital Resonance, 11:31
Pavane for a Dead Planet, 9:04
Star Dance, 6:40
Ride the Cosmos, 6:15
Dark Forces Signify, 8:17
The Lessing Is Miracle, 9:36
Busted Grooves, 7:14
Rings of Saturn, 13:31
Pulsars, 10:24
Neptune Night, 14:11
Spacecat, 4:22
Reverse Gravity, 5:56
Romance Postmoderne, 8:32
Liquid Mechanisms, 13:15
Galactic Jamboree, 7:15
Total time: 2 hours, 35 minutes
Program notes
I'itoi Variations19852 pianosmp3, 26:02PDFProgram notesDouble Edge
Imaginary Isle20039 computerized toy pianosmp3, 2:10PDFProgram notes
Implausible Sketches20062 pianos (piano four-hands)1. The Desert's Too-Zen Song, 8:09
2. Mediating Daydream, 5:35
3. The Goodbye Fugue, 4:32
4. Frigid Azure, 9:25
5. Don't Touch My Pint, 3:56
PDFProgram notesNancy Pounds, William West, pianos
In Silence2015SATB chorus and piano; text by Thomas MertonFive minutes partial PDFProgram notes
Kierkegaard, Walking2007fl, cl, vn, cellomp3, 15:12PDFProgram notesSeattle Chamber Players
"Last Chance" Sonata1999clarinet, piano1. Flowers, mp3, 3:14
2. Snake Dance, mp3, 4:45
3. Apparition, mp3, 7:47
4. Dance of Indeterminate Ethnicity, mp3, 3:15
PDF; clarinet partProgram notesMeighan Stoops (1,3), Sara Phillips (2,4) Bari Mort
The Light Summer Land2010string quartet24 minuteswithdrawn for revisionProgram notes
Long Night1980-13 pianosCold Blue, 25 minutesPDFProgram notesSarah Cahill
Lord Thomas and Fair Annie1978alto fl, cl, va, harpsichord, celesta7 minutesPDFProgram notes
Love Scene2003string quartetMIDI, 6 minutesPDFTuning notes
The Mercy of the Storm1980-1pianomp3, 10:58PDFProgram notesKyle Gann, piano
Minute Symphony2004fl, cl, vn, cellomp3, 1:37PDFProgram notesJoanna Cowan White, flute; Kennen White, clarinet; Seunghee Lee, violin; James Fiste, cello
Mountain Spirit1982-32 flutes, two drums, organmp3, 12:03Kyle Gann and players
Mr. Eliot's Sunday Morning Service1985/93soprano, piano; text by T.S. Eliotmp3, 5:27PDFProgram noteLiz Przybylski, Sharon Bjorndal
My father moved through dooms of love2005-6chorus, violin, piano; text by E.E. Cummingsmp3, 11:39PDFProgram NotesDessoff Choir, James Bagwell cond.
Mystic Chords2012soundfilemp3, 6:20PDFProgram notes
New Aunts2008retuned keyboard samplermp3, 5:52PDFProgram notesAron Kallay
New World Coming2001solo bassoon with flute (oboe), violin (viola), pianomp3, 6:12PDFProgram notesMaryBeth Minnis, bassoon; Lindabeth Binkley, oboe; Seunghee Lee, violin; Zhihua Tang, piano
Nonexistent Landscape2012keyboard sampler and soundfilerough MIDI version, mp3, 11:10Program notes
Nude Rolling Down an Escalator1997/9DisklavierNew World, 5:24PDFProgram notes
Nursery Tunes for Demented Children2012/1533-tone PianoDown to the End of the Town; Up the Hill and Up Again; Tiger, Tiger, Turning Right; The Cracked Bells of St. Swithun's; Jack Ate a Blackbird;
9 minutes
Oil Man1981speaker, 2 fl, cl, piano, trap set; text by Kyle Gann from letters by Marvin Gannmp3, 7:07PDFTextMarcus McDaniel, speaker; Eugenia Smith, flute; Mary Beth Skaggs Malek, clarinet; Jim Gley, drums; John Miller, bass; Kyle Gann, piano
Olana2007vibraphonemp3, 11:44PDFProgram notesAndrew Spencer
On Reading Emerson2006pianoNew Albion, 8:10PDFProgram NotesSarah Cahill
Paris Intermezzo1989toy piano (or piano)mp3, 6:29PDF
Petty Larceny2003DisklavierNew World, 5:44PDFProgram notes
The Planets1994/
fl, ob, alto sax, bsn, va, bass, synth, perc3. Venus, mp3, 7:17
6. Mercury, mp3, 6:05;
8. Uranus, mp3, 7:11;
9. Neptune, mp3, 7:48;
whole disc on Meyer Media, 73:12
PDF Program notesRelache
Private Dances2000/4pianoNew Albion, 5. Saintly, 4:07; 25 minutes totalPDFProgram notesSarah Cahill
Proença2015alto voice, flute, vibraphone, electric piano, bass; poems by Ezra Pound, the Comtessa de Dia, Arnaut Daniel, Peire Vidal, anonymousBe.m pac d'ivern, 5:33;
Na Audiart, 6:45;
Alba (En un vergier sotz fuella d'albespi), 5:06;
Estat ai en grue cossirier, 6:31;
L'aura amara, 8:38;
Near Perigord, 11:29; total 46 minutes
PDFProgram notesMichelle Allen McIntire, voice; Virginia Backman, flute; Jennifer Lacy, electric piano; Jennifer Wagner, vibes; Brian Padavic, bass
The Question Answer'd1982pianomp3; 4:08PDFProgram NotesKyle Gann
Reticent Behemoth2015quarter-tone accordionmp3, 5:35PDFProgram NotesVeli Kujala, accordion
Romance Postmoderne2012version for two electric pianosmp3, 8:36PDFProgram Notes
Sang Plato's Ghost2013flute, oboe, drum set, harp, accordion (or electric organ), viola, double-bassmp3, 10:45PDFProgram notes
Satie1975soprano, fl, vn, perc, harp; text by Erik Satiemp3, 11:52PDFProgram notesReal Time Ensemble
Scenario2003-4female voice, soundfile; text by S.J. Perelmanmp3, 17:12PDFProgram notesMartha Herr, sound design by M.C. Maguire
Scenario2003-4/2012female voice, orchestra (3-2-oboe d'amore-2-3; 2-3-2; harmonica; acoustic guitar, elec bass; timp, xyl, mar, tam-tams, drum set; celesta; strings); text by S.J. Perelman17 minutesPartial PDFProgram notes
Scene from a Marriage2010viola, pianomp3, 10:08PDFProgram notes
Serenity Meditation2011chamber orchestramp3, 11:20PDFprogram notesBowling Green New Music Festival Orchestra
Siren19785 flutesmp3, 7:51PDFProgram noteAnita Miller, Eugenia Smith, Heidi Sandling, Darlene Drew, Mary Brown, flutes
Snake Dance No. 119914 percussionistsmp3, 9:20PDFprogram notesEssential Music
Snake Dance No. 219954 percussionistsmp3, 10:11PDFProgram notesEssential Music
Snake Dance No. 320102 microtonal electric keyboards, 4 percussionists, fretless bassmp3, 11:36PDFProgram notesDavid Cossin, Kaylie Melville, Colin Malloy, Wade Selkirk, percussion; Vicky Chow, Karl Larson, keyboards; Cody Tacaks, bass
Solitaire2009keyboard sampler and soundfilemp3, 14:05PDFTuning chartKyle Gann
So Many Little Dyings1994keyboard sampler; text by Kenneth Patchenmp3, 6:59PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Song of Acceptance19803 female voices, fl, Fr. horn, trombone, tuba, celeste, 2 vns, cello; texts from Lao-Tzu, Walt Whitman, Ecclesiastesmp3, 19:43PDFProgram notesKyle Gann conducting
Songs from Proença2015-16alto voice and piano; poems by Ezra Pound, the Comtessa de Dia, Arnaut Daniel, Peire Vidal, anonymous1. Be.m pac d'ivern;
2. Na Audiart;
3. Alba (En un vergier sotz fuella d'albespi);
4. Estat ai en grue cossirier;
5. L'aura amara
6. Near Perigord; total 46 minutes
PDF Program notesJonathan Mildner with Jackson McKinnon, piano
The Stream (Admonitions)1987voice, percussion ensemble; text from Thoreaump3, 8:56PDFProgram notesAustralian National University New Music Group, Jelena Mamic soprano
Street Music2009clarinet, tenor sax, drum(s), voice, violin, cellomp3, 4:25PDFProgram notesthingNY
Sunken City (Concerto for Piano and Winds in Memoriam New Orleans)2007solo piano, fl, alto sax, tenor sax, bar. sax, horn, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, bass trombone, el. bass1. Before, mp3, 7:43; Mode records, 27 minutes totalPDFProgram notesGeoffrey Douglas Madge, piano; Orkest de Volharding conducted by Jussi Jaatinen
Summer Serenade2014organquiet version, 15:38;
loud version, 15:31
PDFProgram notesCarson Cooman
Superparticular Woman1992synth, soundfilemp3, 4:06, Monroe StreetPDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Surrealities2012-13three-octave toy piano or celesta1. Axioms of the Wind;
2. Deep Denial;
3. Disaggregated Harmonies;
4. Circling the Horizon;
5. Unaccommodating Polka;
6. Incommensurate Quantities;
7. Mistimed Adieu;
17 minutes total
PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Sweeney Among the Tribes1984Five-channel ambient sound installationmp3, 48:08 (indeterminate)Program notes
Sweeney Out West1987-9piano12 minutesPDFProgram Notes
Symphony, "Implausible"2014large orchestra (3-2(EH)-2-2; 2-2-3; perc; vib; harp; pno; strings1st movement, 11:13; 3rd movement, 5:43; 4th movement, 9:24; 5th movement, 5:01PDFprogram notesMIDI version
Tango da Chiesa2002DisklavierNew World, 5:54PDFProgram notes
Texarkana2000DisklavierNew World, 3:49PDFProgram notes
Tempo Canon1979harp, piano, harpsichord5 minutesPDF
Time Does Not Exist2000pianoNew Albion, 15 minutesPDFProgram notesSarah Cahill
To the Fount Be the Glory1981; completed 2016brass, wind, or string quartetfurniture music; three minutes and upwardPDFProgram notes
Transcendental Sonnets2001-2chorus, soloists, orchestra; text by Jones Very1. The Son, mp3, 6:25
2. Enoch, mp3, 6:24
3. Love, mp3, 6:49
4. Faith, mp3, 5:51
5. The Word, mp3, 9:19
PDFProgram notesIndianapolis Symphonic Choir and Orchestra
Transcendental Sonnets (two-piano version)2007-8chorus, soloists, two pianos; text by Jones Very1. The Son, mp3, 5:04
2. Enoch, mp3, 6:03
3. Love, mp3, 5:57
4. Faith, mp3, 5:43
5. The Word mp3, 9:02
Program notesThe Dessoff Choirs, James Bagwell conducting
Transcendentalist Songs2014female/male voice, piano; poems by Christopher Pearse Cranch, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Jones Very, Henry David Thoreau, Frederick Henry Hedge, Ellen Sturgis Hooper1. Enosis, 5:45;
2. To the Face Seen in the Moon, 3:57;
3. The Rhodora, 3:02;
4. The Columbine, 4:06;
5. Indeed, Indeed I Cannot Tell, 1:12;
6. The Garden, 2:22;
7. Questionings (The Idealist), 4:23;
8. In the Busy Streets, mp3, 0:41;
9. I Slept and Dreamed that Life Was Beauty, mp3, 1:45; 29 minutes total
PDFProgram notes1, 2, 9: Ingrid Kammin (soprano), Larisa Chasunov; 3, 4, 7: Robert Mangialardi (baritone), David Vayo; 5, 6, 8: William Hudson (tenor), Kent Cook
Triskaidekaphonia 12005keyboard samplermp3, 4:19PDFTuning chartAron Kallay
The Unnameable2012keyboard sampler and soundfilemp3, 12:09Program notes
Unquiet Night2004DisklavierNew World, 16 minutesPDFProgram notes
Untitled, 197719772 flutes, marimba, violin, double bass3 1/2 minutesPDF
Untitled Phase Study 19931993piano3 minutesPDFProgram notes
Useless Round2010Three voices; text by Pierre BoulezPDF
The Waiting1997DisklavierNew WorldPDFProgram notes
War Is Just a Racket2008speaking pianistMP3, 8:11PDFProgram notesSarah Cahill, pianist
The Watermelon Cargo2002-3five solo singers, chorus, flute, three sampling keyboards, fretless bass; text by Jeffrey Sichel40 minutesLibretto
Windows to Infinity1987pianomp3, 11:42PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Your Staccato Ways2013female voice, piano; poems by Karen Schoemer 1. Couplets; 2. Flatland; 3. Little Womb; 4. Hotel Minor; 5. Takeoff; 14 minutesPDFProgram notesKimberly Kahan, soprano; James Fitzwilliam, piano
Your Staccato Ways (chamber ensemble version)2014female voice, flute, clarinet, trumpet, vibraphone, piano, string trio; poems by Karen Schoemer1. Couplets; 2. Flatland; 3. Little Womb; 4. Hotel Minor; 5. Takeoff; 14 minutesPDFProgram notes

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